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Friday, June 8, 2012

Life's Journey

Life's Journey

Take it all in with a deep breath
Like the smell of a crisp autumn morning, it surrounds you
Excitement, as if leaves are rustling through the trees
Reminding you it’s there

If you lie perfectly still, you can feel it
Softer than a gentle breeze brushing across your face
The winds of change are upon you
Stirring inside

Pushing you ever forward
With a sensation of air rushing past
Constantly moving and
Rearranging the world around you

When you hold your breath, you can see it
An invisible hiccup
Waiting, anticipating
Moving together as one

Savor every moment
Like the salty mist of the ocean’s spray, it covers you
Surging and urging you on
Twisting and turning in its’ own whirlpool

Center yourself in a calm, focused meditation
Pacing to the rhythm of a song
Gently blowing out its’ melody
Inhaling and exhaling with the music

Finally, it exhausts your resolve
With a deep sigh of relief, it arrives
Gasping for the first breath of new life
Screaming to fill its’ lungs

Tiny hands grasping at air
Trying to hold on to fading memories
Longing to embrace them
Before they dissipate

A pause, like time suspended
A faint whistling, in and out
Softer than a whisper
A tender sweetness soundly sleeping

No longer one, but always connected
Feeling every breath as if it were your own
Forever lifting your spirit with its soul
One journey ending as another begins

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