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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Water Fairy

Water Fairy
A Mother’s Tears

I see the rain begin to fall outside my window.
Splish, Splash, Splosh
Bouncing off the window sill
Dancing, Skipping, Jumping with excitement on the pavement
It is Youth
It is Happiness
It is Excitement
Like tears of joy

I hear the rain streaming steadily through the trees
Swirling, Twirling, Whirling
Spinning dizzily through the branches
Splashing, Dashing, Flowing with exuberance from the clouds
It is Rhythmic
It is Dancing
It is Emotion
Like tears of compassion

I feel the torrents of rain pounding their way down to earth
Gushing, Rushing, Crashing
Endlessly relentless against the darkened sky
Beating, Repeating, Stinging with pain as it touches the world
It is Deafening
It is Confusion
It is Anger
Like tears of frustration

I smell the cool rain as it slows to a soft echo
Rolling, Rising, Rippling
Wave after wave lapping against the wind
Soaking, Sopping, Stopping with a gentle layer in the heavy air
It is Calm
It is Tranquil
It is Understanding
Like tears of sorrow

I touch the beading pools of water left behind on the dampened ground
Puddling, Pooling, Floating
Drowning all life it surrounds
Stagnant, Still, Silent with a wet quiet against a bottomless void
It is Drenched
It is Emptied
It is Solitary
Like tears of loneliness

And then it appears, just out of reach
Soft, Faint, Glowing
Evaporating all the tears
Pausing, Stretching, Waiting for the next rain storm
It is Promise
It is Hope
It is Future
A Rainbow, bringing endless color against the Carolina Blue

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