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Friday, June 8, 2012



The Promise

It starts like a thought
Illusive and uncertain
Floating, like your heart suspended in midair
Appearing, then disappearing

It forms into a feeling
Transparent, yet strong
Merging like the colors of an orange sunset
Just out of reach

It grows and strengthens
Forming a bond
Fusing together like the rays of the yellow sun
Intangible, yet always there

It springs ever forward
Beauty and life
Bursting forth like the green buds of a flower
Lively jumping from one spot to the next

It stands tall
Awe and wonder
Melting into a serene blue sky
Impossible to hide

It reflects mysteriously
Unexpected, yet reassuring
Glowing brightly in the hazy purple mist
Stretching endlessly

It is your promise to each other
Sharing everything
Giving of yourself to another with your whole heart
Piercing through the clouds
It’s power is undeniable
It is your rainbow

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