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Friday, June 8, 2012

Jenny's Room

Jenny's Room

One Day

Your little voice cries out,
and I rush to your side.
One day, you will talk to me,
but right now, I’m just guessing.

I hold you so dearly
and marvel at you.
One day, I can’t cradle you,
but my moment is now.

As I feed you, my darling,
you cling to me closely
with tiny hands so soft
that one day will grow big.

I’m in awe of your wonder,
so helpless and small,
a future awaiting, but
trusting totally in me.

You fall asleep in my arms,
and I lay you down gently.
One day you will walk,
and I will miss carrying you.

With patience, I wait.
I know each growing hour
that one day you will leave me,
but right now, you are mine.

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